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  • Provide At-Home Care Through Trusted Partners

    Provide At-Home Care Through Trusted Partners

    Personalized Senior care in comfort of your home, for as long as you wish

  • Help Compare  Retirement Homes

    Help Compare Retirement Homes

    Help you choose a living facility when you need more assistance and are willing to move .

  • Creating Fun, Social and Memorable Experiences !

    Creating Fun, Social and Memorable Experiences !

    Encourage Community building, Arrange Live events, Volunteer Opportunities

Lets Connect & Build a Community

Retirement, Family, and Finances

Retirement, Family, and Finances

Now that you’ve retired, what’s next? Connect with some fun and similar-aged people who discuss theirs. 

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Leisure, Fun and Recreation

Leisure, Fun and Recreation

Get the trendiest recommendation for books, films, TV shows, and online series of your choice.

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Ageing, Health, and Spirituality

Ageing, Health, and Spirituality

Come, join this community and see how we are tackling the medical issues that come with ageing.

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Here’s why we are loved

From the initial phone contact when I spoke to Arjun through to the care providers, I found Seniors First to be a caring and professional service. They demonstrated patience and concern for my mother's situation, and were open to feedback. They were extremely caring ! I felt so much relieved that some one was attending to my mom 24x7 during COVID pandemic.

Mrs Geeta Sethi ( UK)

All senior Services at one place is a blessing. There are no binding packages unlike other elder care services. There is freedom to choose whatever I need for my parents, from USA. Thanks Seniors First for taking this initiative. Wish you all the best!

Mr Anil Badola ( USA)

I am happy to see someone finally giving dues to the deserving Seniors of India. Khudos to the team and their initiative. Launching their services during pandemic and economic slowdown is really brave. This will really test their commitment and passion. I hope they get funded soon, so that they can have adequate resources to reach every nook and corner of India and Revolutionize the concept of Ageing in India.. All the Best !

Dr Seema Jain ( USA)

Thanks for enlisting all elder service providers on your platform. The list came handy when my mom suffered from brain stroke and I was looking for certified nurse & an ICU set up at home..I availed the Ambulance services while taking her home.. All in one app is great.. helped a lot.. I am grateful to the staff as well , as they helped me in choosing service providers..

Chamal Perriera