Who We Are

About Seniors First!

About Seniors First!

Seniors First is a “services platform” created by healthcare professionals, with the bold ambition to integrate the key elements of the needs of our respected seniors. We tend to be the one-stop-shop for all senior care services & products available in the market enabling our ageing fathers and mothers and uncles and aunts- to lead an independent, dignified & engaged life.

A burgeoning rise in the elderlies in India (116 million in 2018; to cross 300 million by 2050) demands an effort in this direction; esp. due to increase in nuclear families, increased life expectancy, children migrating away for jobs and lack of reliable support system.  What's notable about these everyday battles is, more often than not, we are waging it all alone. Except for a few who have a safety net of extended families and friends, most of us are ploughing a lonely furrow. We are rooted in the belief that nothing serves us better than our own hands.

Why is seeking help such a big deal? “Seeking help doesn’t expose our powerlessness. Instead, it reveals our confidence in finding ways to beat adversities”.

Ours is an E-commerce & Information enabled platform to deliver the highest standards of care to the Senior Citizens of India, founded by professionals with years of experience in the healthcare services sector and supported by like-minded individuals. Our concept is “Ageing in Place”, without having to leave their lifelong nest- well within their familiar surroundings.

This 360-degree support would make the lifestyle products, physical and medical support and others like legal, financial, & emotional assistance to the easy reach and accessibility of the senior citizens of our country.

We will constantly be working towards our mission to provide excellent and accessible resources that improve the quality of life for seniors, their caregivers, and the community.

Let's work together to ADD LIFE TO YEARS!

Our Vision – To Become Pioneers in Enabling Independent, Engaged, Healthy and Happy Ageing !

Our Mission - To Provide Excellent and Accessible Resources that Improve the Quality of Life for Seniors, their Caregivers, and the Community

Our Core Values:

  • Excellence - Everything we do is of the highest quality
  • Integrity - Being honest, responsible, and ethical
  • Respect - Honoring each person as unique and special
  • Service - Meeting needs and exceeding customer expectations
  • Teamwork - Accomplishing our goals together
What makes us unique

Senior First is India’s first and comprehensive senior care platform that caters to every aspect of your life. It is built on a highly advanced Tech Platform called Progressive Web Application. This allows One-click installation on the ‘Home screen’ of your mobile phone and desktop.

We Chose This Because…
  • Reliable - Loads instantly and works even in poor and uncertain network conditions
  • Fast and Engaging – Swift response and friction-free scrolling
  • Secure - Doesn’t access personal data on your phone
  • Push notifications to keep you updated with the latest information and updates
  • Always up to date as all updates happen in the background
  • Shareable easy to be shared with only our URL to anybody