Caring for Old Skin During Winters

Caring for Old Skin During Winters

Caring for Old Skin During Winters

As we grow old the organs of our body age with us. Skin is the largest organ of our body and we need to take care of our skin as well to prevent skin diseases and discomfort. In winters there is very less moisture in the air and it starts to dry up the skin which causes itching, scaling, dry pimples etc. Skin care during winters is a very important part of senior care to avoid running back and forth to see a dermatologist. 

Below are the best ways to take care of aging skin during winters:

1.       Stay Hydrated: we tend to drink less water during winters which impacts our skin elasticity. 70% of our tissues are made up of water and we need to maintain the moisture in our body. Warm water, natural orange juice, citric juices rich in vitamin c, herbal tea, de caffeinated coffee or tea are good options to keep us hydrated.

2.       Wash your skin properly: A lot of dead skin accumulates during winters on the top layer of our skin. It is important to wash the dead skin off properly so that the moisturizer can go deep. Exfoliating and scrubbing the skin helps to keep skin smooth and healthy. You can simply use coffee grounds with coconut oil and scrub and wash or take a bath as regular.

3.       Steam: taking a steam on the face helps to make the skin feel plumper and it also relaxes your clogged mucus during the winters.

4.       Use a good moisturising cream: A good moisturising cream or body lotion is a must especially during winters. You can choose from the wide range of anti-ageing moisturisers available in the market. However please note try to buy products which are paraben and sulphate free. Coconut oil and glycerine are also very good choices. Moisturise at least 2 times a day.

5.       Use a lip balm: cracked lips can be very painful and bleed. Use good lip balm or the renowned brands like Vaseline and Boroline have always been best friend during winters.

6.       Take care of your cracked heels: Apply glycerine or Vaseline on your heels and wear socks on before going to bed everyday. It is very important to wear socks with whichever product you use as the warmth helps to absorb the product and heal faster.