Easily Wearable Clothes (Adaptive Clothing) for Elderly

Easily Wearable Clothes (Adaptive Clothing) for Elderly

Easily Wearable Clothes (Adaptive Clothing) for Elderly

As people age, the simple task of dressing and undressing can become unduly difficult. The inability to get dressed properly can even keep people from doing the activities they love.

Adaptive clothing provides easy dressing solutions with adaptive designs for seniors and disabled people. Clothes for seniors should be easy to wear so they don’t have to struggle needlessly with narrow neck openings or difficult to button pants waist bands to dress or undress.

Why Adaptive Clothing?

Clothing and fashion can have a tremendous positive effect on an individual's mental and physical well-being, for several reasons: 

  • Individuals with conditions that cause painful often experience painful joint movements when dressing and undressing. In limiting the need for these movements, adaptive clothing offers pain relief. 
  • The ability to dress independently can grant wearers—especially those who don’t like to be handled—more freedom in their daily lives. It can also reduce emotional stress people feel when they can no longer do tasks that were once easy for them.
  • Being able to dress in a way that represents one’s identity can go a long way toward restoring a sense of confidence for wearers.
  • Caregivers can also exert less time and energy on helping their patients dress.

What Is Adaptive Clothing? 

Adaptive fashion is specially customized to help wearers work around their disabilities to by making dressing easier, prolonging independence and activity.

Adaptive clothing features open back functionality in tops, side open designs in pants, hidden magnetic snap fasteners instead of conventional buttons and easy touch closures in footwear. All these helpful features enable seniors or disabled people to dress with dignity, comfort and style.

 There are many examples of alterations that make life easier for elderly and disabled individuals.

  • Shirts with magnetic closures exist for people with arthritis or quadriplegia who struggle with traditional buttons.
  • Wheelchair users who need to get dressed while seated can opt for pants that are elasticized, can open partially or completely down the sides, and/or rise higher in the back to account for seated comfort. 
  • Shoes with Velcro and zippered openings that open up completely are easy to step directly into and then fasten. 

Where to Find Adaptive Clothing

Fortunately, more options for adaptive clothing are available than ever, including adaptive lines from mainstream international fashion retailers: 

  1. Zappos Adaptive by Zappos: A wide range of adaptive clothing and shoes to fit a variety of needs. Featured brands include Nike’s Fly Ease sneakers with easy zipper wrap-around closures and Magna Ready magnetic apparel.
  2. Tommy Adaptive by Tommy Hilfiger: Adaptive clothing for men and women with physical disabilities, including shirts, pants, jackets and dresses with features including magnetic zippers, Velcro closures, and adjustable hems.
  3. Design for all collection by Target: Clothing is design-engineered to fit the needs of adults and children with various needs, with features including wider silhouettes and custom fits to increase ease of dressing. 
  4. IZ Adaptive: Fashionable tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories tailored to a wide range of physical disabilities. 
  5. Silvert’s: Adaptive clothing and footwear for elderly men and women. 
  6. Resident Essentials: Products include adaptive clothing for seniors and disabled adults, as well as accessible home furniture.
  7. Buck and Buck: Adaptive clothing for seniors and disabled adults, plus elderly care products.

Now, such adaptive clothes can be custom tailored in India as well.

Who Can Wear Adaptive Clothing?

Seniors with physical disabilities, wheelchair users, elderly with limited mobility and the infirm who may have difficulty dressing without assistance can benefit from adaptive wear. Adaptive clothing line is for those individuals who need struggle-free and pain-free dressing options.

For seniors, one of the main difficulties in dressing is not being able to fasten buttons or zippers due to loss of fine motor skills and movement with hands and fingers so materials such as VELCRO®, easy access snaps, side zippers, and stretchy fabrics are used to provide solutions for self-dressing or undressing.

Some of the most beneficial features of adaptive clothing options:

How Does Adaptive Clothing Help Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals?

Adaptive clothing helps caregivers assist their senior loved ones with special needs with getting dressed. Family caregivers and healthcare professionals can greatly benefit from the advantages of adaptive clothing because it makes their task easier and safer. Our sensory friendly clothing and adaptive apparel reduces the risk of injuries for caregivers, healthcare workers and the people with disabilities getting dressed.

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