Elderly Parent Shifting to Your House

Elderly Parent Shifting to Your House

Elderly Parent Shifting to Your House

Taking Care Of An Elderly Parent In Your Home

If your elderly parents are moving in (or have moved in) with you and your family –there will undoubtedly be some changes that will be made and it may be difficult for everyone involved. But rest assured, there are some thing that you can do to make this difficult transition easier.

So, how do you take care of an elderly parent in your home? 

1. Modifying the home environment to meet the current physical and/or cognitive status of your senior loved one and making it safe and accessible to him.We have written another blog on this topic.

2. Establishing sets of rules that everyone can work with. Knowing your role and duties within your own family not only help you (and your parents) to feel like a contributing partner to the group – but it also leads to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

3. Allow the time and space needed for fun activities -atleast once a week together. Encourage parent to indulge in a hobby to keep him engaged on daily basis.

4. Creating a space for everyone for that much needed alone time-to reflect and to rest. This decreases stress and tension, happening due to unwanted expectations from either party.

5. . Delegating household chores. Everyone needs to pitch in to help out with the work needed to maintain the household. Whatever your parents can do, give them the job of doing it. It could be as simple as helping you to cutting vegetables, prepare a meal as they sit at the kitchen table , helping in homework of grandchildren or folding laundry as they sit in the recliner watching TV etc

6.Take a break with your family and ask for help. We at Seniors First offer help with verified home attendants, who could take care of your parent in your absence.

There are other issues involved in caring for aging parents which you need to address…These are

Medical issues –You could you medicine reminder offer free on our website or hire a part time or full time nurse to take care of your parent.

Financial issues – hire an expert legal & financial consultant to plan out expenses according to current lifestyle. Take a good health insurance, with critical cover to prevent getting trapped under unwanted medical bills.

Physical needs – Many elderly suffer from some form of physical decline whether it’s difficulty walking, poor upper body strength, poor flexibility, poor vision, etc. Take expert help and keep yourself stress free and your parent safe.

Cognitive limitations – About 1 out of every 9 adults over 65 years of age has some form of cognitive decline. It could be as mild as simply forgetting a name or an event or as severe as being unable to form sentences. Keep them engaged in community, online activities and other engagement programmes offered on our website. Delay the onset of memory loss. Take expert advise,should this happen.