Eye Care Tips for Elderly during Monsoon

Eye Care Tips for Elderly during Monsoon

Eye Care Tips for Elderly during Monsoon

Eyecare tips to follow in monsoon for older adults

The arrival of the monsoon season not only brings joy and traffic jams but also becomes the reason for the rapid spreading of various illnesses via contaminated food and water. This period also witnesses a sharp rise in infections especially those related to eyes and skin. Being one of the sensitive parts of our bodies, eyes are easily prone to infections during the rainy season. This risk is greater in the case of aging adults as with age their body weakens and so do the bones, muscles, and immunity levels. 

Challenges faced and increasing eye infections amongst the seniors

In the elderly population, poor eyesight might increase the risk of falling and slipping during the monsoon. Some of the common eye problems that seniors experience in the monsoon season are conjunctivitis, eye stye, dry eyes, and corneal ulcer, etc. just to name a few. 

Conjunctivitis also known as pink eye is an infectious disease and during the rains, the chances of the elders catching conjunctivitis are higher due to increased moisture in the air. During monsoon, incidences of stye also increase. In this condition, the base of the eyelash leads to the formation of a painful lump on the eyelid and causes pain and discomfort. Furthermore, dust, pollen, medicines, or cosmetics usage can also cause red and itchy eyes and trigger other forms of eye allergies. 

The corneal ulcer is another painful eye infection that is most commonly caused by coming in contact with bacteria, viruses, fungi, or a parasite. This is an eye emergencies and could be potentially blinding as well, if not treated properly on time.

Eye infections can be cured by immediately consulting an eye doctor, and following the prescribed treatment. However, prevention is better than cure.

Eye care tips for the elderly

Eye care for seniors is extremely important especially during the rainy season when the danger of catching eye infections is highly likely. Here we share with you a few simple and workable eye care tips for the seniors in your family which can safeguard them from any kind of eye infection-

The golden rule is to never let them touch their eyes with dirty hands

Washing hands frequently is another way out to ensure that the soiled hands do not infect the eyes 

One should avoid sharing their personal items or essentials such as towels, handkerchiefs, etc. 

Having a balanced and nutritious diet and building strong immunity levels so as to keep infections at bay naturally.

Avoiding wearing contact lenses and applying heavy makeup during the rainy season 

Before the monsoon season, seniors should get an eye check up done. This will also help rectify poor eyesight issues in real-time and will further eliminate the risk of them falling or slipping during rains

However, self-medication and using over-the-counter eye drops is a strict no! In case of any trouble or discomfort, one should immediately get a check-up done with an eye specialist and follow his prescribed treatment.