How to choose a retirement facility

How to choose a retirement facility

How to choose a retirement facility

These days most aged people are left alone at home, confined to solitude with minimal care and support, while their adult children are out at work. According to a study, 64 percent of senior citizens living in an urban setup fall prey to loneliness and depression. The loss of physical independence along with mental and societal insecurities due to retirement or death of a partner can take a toll on the elderly as well. 

Retirement communities offer independent living for senior citizens through senior-friendly infrastructure and trained personnel for elderly care. The care-givers help with daily chores, medication, and movement. As part of such communities, seniors feel secure, empowered and cared for and can lead a stress-free life in a social environment. Assisted living facilities provide daily assistance and medical care 24x7 in addition.

Basic things to look out for before deciding 

Cleanliness: Does the facility appear clean? Do the residents appear clean and well-groomed?

Staff Interaction: Does the staff treat residents with respect and courtesy? Do they appear to enjoy their jobs?

Room Accommodations: Are the rooms private, semi-private, or group rooms? Will your loved one be comfortable sharing his/her bedroom with others?

Bathrooms: Are there ample bathrooms for the number of residents in the home? Are there private showers?

Resident Interaction: Does it appear as if the residents get along and enjoy one another’s company?

Safety: Are hallways and stairwells free of obstacles and fall hazards? Are exits well lit and easily accessible? Are there security systems in place to prevent unwanted visitors? Does the home use a medical emergency alert system?

Surroundings: Does the home offer good lighting, clean furnishings, and well-kept grounds? Are there outdoor areas that can be used? By appearance alone, is this a place where you would be comfortable living?

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