Spirituality & Intelligent Ageing

Spirituality & Intelligent Ageing

Spirituality & Intelligent Ageing

A person's well-being is defined by physical ,mental and spiritual health. That's why many seniors with mental or physical conditions benefit from holistic care and counseling that addresses their spirituality. Spiritual guidance can provide a sense of peace, comfort, and courage when a person is battling a terminal illness or nearing death.

Other positive outcomes of receiving spiritual care can include:

·      Improved confidence and self-esteem

·      Restored relationships

·      A more hopeful outlook

·      A higher sense of purpose and meaning

·      A greater sense of personal dignity


Every religion offers spiritual practices that are designed to bring you closer to a sense of the divine. They include activities like praying, chanting, fasting, taking part in rituals, celebrating special milestones, and many other practices. But you don't necessarily need to follow any particular religious practices in order to enliven your spirituality. Anything that you love doing, that makes you feel whole or truly alive, or that gives you a feeling of deeper connection to the world can be considered a spiritual activity.


Volunteering—Providing your time and efforts to a worthy cause can generate many positive emotions that feel deeply rooted in your spiritual core.


Spending time with nature—Activities as simple as watching the night sky, sitting under a large tree, planting some flowers, walking through a garden, listening to ocean waves, or watching or playing with animals do have calming effect on our persona.


Meditating—20 min a day of meditation can increase your self-awareness as well as your ability to accept aspects of life that may be out of your control. By freeing yourself of distractions and sitting alone, insilence, you can pay closer attention to your thoughts and feelings, which can provideclues to where your spiritual core may be hiding


Praying Together—Praying with other people provides a great opportunity for social engagement.


Sharing stories—Talking about good memories with other people can help you feel more grounded and interconnected.


Playing or listening to music—Music has the power to heal. In addition, favorite songs from your past can reawaken positive memories, provide comfort, and renew your spirit.


Getting a massage—Human touch and physical pleasure can strip away your worries and immerse you deeply in the present moment, which is often a good way to experience a sense of unity with the world