Technology has improved Senior care.

Technology has improved Senior care.

Technology has improved Senior care.

With the increasing development of smartphones and advanced GPS, senior care has vastly improved. More than 70% of seniors now connected to the internet. Especially Covid Lockdowns has accelerated the adoption of online communication tools and other gadgets by seniors to keep themselves safe, connected, and comfortable.

Since Seniors constitute one third of ours. population , Inventors in the digital space are scrambling to find ways to market their platforms and tools to them. While they may be purchasing laptops, smart phones, and tablets and all the possibilities they intend, many older adults say they still don't feel confident about using them. The resistance or rather reluctance to use these technologies is generally due to technological inexperience or because of their physical challenges or because of fear of getting stuck leading to frustration. Frustration appeared to be a significant barrier, which led to a lack of self-confidence and motivation to pursue using the technology,

In is widely accepted the use of new technology by the elderly population has a beneficial effect on their quality of life. It is therefore important that their children help them to familiarize with technology, thus removing all fears of new technology use. Technology is providing Seniors with

1.      Social Connection – Video Chat, Email, and Social Media Keep Seniors in Touch with their loved ones.

2.      Personal Safety – Seniors Living Alone Can call for Help with the Push of a Button on their smartphones.

3.      Home Security - Cameras help in monitoring their safety at home.

4.      Physical and Mental Exercise – Online and Video Games move Bodies and Minds of seniors.

5.      Medication Management – Smartphone Apps Can send reminders for the medicines

6.      Health Tracking – Online Tools Simplify the Process of Maintaining and Accessing Seniors' Health Information, help in communicating with health professionals and remotely accessing their vital information.

7.      Easy life- online shopping and service requests, bill payments, access to bank account all at a click of button.

Greater technology use is associated with better health,  higher subjective well-being, and lower depression. Better start today.

Make friends with technology, without any further delay, if you prefer to live independently