Therapeutic Recreation and Leisurely Activities

Therapeutic Recreation and Leisurely Activities

Therapeutic Recreation and Leisurely Activities

Many seniors, let out their frustrations by discussing whole day about health ailments among peers . Some of them having age related physical inabilities, feel couch bound and dull. Some have physical, cognitive and emotional challenges as a result of an injury or disease

Therapeutic Recreation focuses on finding leisure activities that all seniors can participate in, regardless of their health conditions and contributes to the health and happiness of seniors.

Therapeutic Recreation Improves Physical Health

Therapeutic Recreation consists of activities that can benefit seniors in one-on-one environments and in group settings. Seniors benefit from activities that involve light exercise, such as going for walks, swimming, or perhaps completing seated chair exercises. Such activities can help improve mobility, joint flexibility, agility, balance and much more.

Studies show that light exercise can have a positive effect on conditions such as hypertension,osteoporosis, diabetes and various mental illnesses. Therefore, it is crucial for caregivers to incorporate physical activities into senior recreation programs.

Therapeutic Recreation Improves Cognitive Function and Emotional Wellbeing

There are many recreational activities that can help improve cognitive abilities and increase emotional wellbeing in seniors. Some of these include; painting, playing musical instruments and online games

Healthcare professionals know that seniors who partake in these activities can experience many positive outcomes.Some of these include; increased mental alertness, improved problem-solving and organizational skills and increased self-esteem.

Therapeutic Recreation has Social Benefits

Many seniors are faced with feelings of frustration, anxiety, depression and isolation. 

Group-related Therapeutic Recreation activities encourage seniors to chat with one another and make new friends. Group activities can also: reduce loneliness and give seniors something to look forward to build connections with family and community through a fun activity development or maintain social skills.